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Monday, May 12, 2014

My growing boys

I wanna capture these moments in photographs. It's the tiniest form of stopping time as the toddler years slip through my hands. Like sand these years are passing through my fingers, soft and slow. Strollers are being replaced with scooters, the word "mama" is being replaced with "mom",  kisses for scraped knees are getting replaced with bandaids, tears are getting replaced with a "big boy" determination to hold them inside. Blocks, trucks and trains are replaced with small legos that make me loose my patience and spend too much money. I've crossed over the great divide at Target....from the baby-toddler section to the kid section where the clothes are long and tall. Instead of spending money on diapers, it now goes towards funding the TWO plates of food Bennett eats every night. The boys are venturing past the sandbox ( pea gravel box) and over turning rocks in search for worms and critters.
Training wheels are coming off bikes, girls are kissing Bennett on the playground, and these 2 boys are becoming the oldest kids on our block. I love who these boys are becoming, i am  so blessed to see them grow healthy and strong into little boys wild with adventure and curiosity, but tonight i'm stopping long enough to mourn a little....to mourn the slow passing of the toddler years.

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