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Sunday, June 29, 2014

A blog for Bennett ( in summertime)

What a gift these unfolding days of summer have been revealing more and more of who you are!
I have missed you while you are in school. 
I love you and Amos so much it hurts sometimes.
I fumble through my earthly words…trying to capture the essence of these summer days with you. It’s like trying to catch the summer fireflies against the black night….reaching into the dark to grab the dazzling light.

To capture that light for a while. with words. 

When the sun begins to peek it's head above the horizon…you wake. 
Ready to go, running fast across the floor….off to the bathroom and back to our bed where you silently lurk around until we feel your little presence waiting.

No schedule pulls at your sleeves this summer. You like it that way…diving headlong into play and creations all your own. Happy at home, you sing melodies and make rhythmic drum beats with your mouth. Your enthusiasm pulls your little brother to your side. It pulls many to your side, as you are a delight to be with these days.  Optimistic and kind,  enthusiastic and confident. 

I am near you most of the day… distracted by the worries of the world …but near.   
Thank you GOD for each hour … I have LOVED IT. Sometimes I stop cleaning, stop washing or texting , or working.  Sometimes I see. I see you growing . I see you learning. I see you becoming.

 Taller and deeper you grow..At the beach, at the lake, at the pool timidly beginning to swim, at the splash pad, as you watch hours of Star Wars, as you play with friends, as you ride your bike, as you join letters into words, as you play tennis, play soccer, search for critters, camp, visit grandparents and gigi. In the heat of the day jumping over sprinklers, in the cool growing shadows of dawn …you grow. 

You are passionate and intense, curious and cautious. You will surpass me in intelligence within the year….but not your dad. Haha.

You have a heart of gold, so sweet and tender that it makes mine ache when I see it.

You melt into a cuddly puddle of Bennett love when we scratch your back or rub your hair…( you are your papa’s son in that way….loving to cuddle and be close)

You and your brother wrestle and giggle about 2 hours a day until the giggles fade into whining which fades into screaming , then hitting, then crying.

Your skin is soaking in the golden sun. Your hair grows wild and long like the summer days. Your lanky legs and skinny arms don't reflect the two plates of food you consume each night…

You like to make people laugh. You make your brother laugh hard.  ( you also make him cry hard)

I have loved this summer with you Bennett Mann….i love you. 

( Amos your blog is coming)

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