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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Amos adoration...

My little Amos fellow. I adore you head to toe. When you wake, you run fast to the couch and sit with a big smile and bright eyes.  This promptly pulls us away from the mundane and we run to you….scoop you up and smother you with kisses till you push us away. These years , they keep coming…and push you guys away. But not yet….not now. There are the slightest traces of baby fat still on your cheeks and arms . This makes you squeezable and cuddly, and i intend to make the most of that this last year with you home. What a gift to be home with you.

However, your constant demands for mama to play are tad taxing. "what can we play next?" is the sentence of the day and I'm realizing you don't play on your own the way Bennett does. You are a loyal fellow, one on one. Loving to be with others…but only the choice few. I am honored to be part of the choice few..for now……

THings i adore about you:

1. Your animated talking. Eyes open wide and words so pronounced. Each sentence said with excitement.

2. You are a great athelete….( yet a clumsy one that tends to fall a lot. This may not be your fault. We are still wondering if you have a balance problem. Dr. Godfrey says you just get excited ahead of your body. You're a tough guy that never complains or cries unless a bone is broken or you're tired)

3. You are smart. very.  always surprising me with your daddy's qualities..though you look more like me.
You are a technical builder, building symmetricly and with organization.

4. You can be led. You love to listen to your brother….( not so much to me..haha)

5. You have a love for animals.

6. You have an eye for beauty…

7. you are thirsty constantly and wanna eat all day long..

8. You're a deep feeler. You can get your feelings hurt fast and you won't speak about it for a long time…you are sensitive. Hard to pull out of the shell when you retreat back into it.

9. You are shy. You don't like being the center of attention as far as i can tell...

10. YOu are always up for adventure…..

and there's So much more Amos Mann….so much more. I adore.  We gotta run and get your brother from school….

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