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Thursday, February 12, 2015


It's hard to say goodbye to year 4 with Mr. Amos. I have SO enjoyed being home with this little cutie pie and learning more and more the awesome guy he is. We wanted to celebrate him big this year, so we had a party with friends and a little one with closer friends and family…( after the stomach bug was over). THANK YOU GOD for AMOS and his 5th year of life


Ninja Bounce U party with:

Ellis, Monroe, Francis, Simon, Owen, Parker, Jack Jones, Wiley, Bennett and The Birthday Boy 


                                                                        Father Son Ninja moves

Danielle makes Amos a T-shirt
Monroe and Amos are both 5 for only a week

                                             Mommy makes The Gold Ninjago cake and Zane                                                                          

Amos' outfit of choice on his birthday

                                                                        Ninja Gift bags

                                         Pizza night with Monroe and Ellis on Aimes' birthday

                                                   The Stomach bug visits the birthday boy

Bennett is sad that Grandma and Grandpa cant visit till next weekend

Mommy sneaks a few last minute 4 year old pics

The 5 year old photo shoot at Tenn Ag Center

                                                              Gotta have "Blue Blanky"

                                                          Too much 5 year old cuteness..

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